Drugs donated to Reach Out Mbuya Community Health Initiative

A team from the Rotary eClub of Uganda Global, escorted by the Rotaract eClub of Uganda Global, donated medical drugs to Reach Out Mbuya Community Health Initiative on Tuesday, 2nd Aug 2022. The team, led by Rtn. Christine Onuoha and PDES Jane Kabugo, officially handed over the supplies to Josephine Kaleebi, the Executive Director of Reach Out Mbuya. Other members on the team were Rtn Pius Okullo, CP Marvin Igoma, AP John Baptist Ndanda and PE Ivan John Oyuki.
Josephine Kaleebi explained that they are a faith-based NGO whose major motive is to help people that are affected and infected by/with HIV/AIDs through a holistic approach, while caring for the body, mind and soul of the victims. She said that the organization purely depends on funding from various awards and projects, such as from USAID, CDC and Stephen Louis funded projects. She expressed that the organization is open to more partnerships with the Rotary club.
Reach Out Mbuya focuses on disease prevention and treatment, maternal and child health, basic education and literacy, economic and community development which are part of Rotary’s 7 areas of focus.

Written by CP Marvin Igoma


Plans for DEAR DAY underway at Kawuku Parents Primary School

On Wednesday 22nd June 2022, Rtn Tom Otwom Obace, Rtn Enid Namirembe, and Rtn Shamilah Nabiyiki met with the staff of Kawuku Parents Primary School, led by the head teacher, Mr David Mwenyi, at the school premises. The meeting was held to develop a strategic plan on how to actively participate and involve all stakeholders on the DEAR DAY, which will be held on 1st July 2022.
D.E.A.R. stands for “Drop Everything And Read” so on this day, everyone in schools and/or community organizations across Uganda shall put down whatever they are doing and engages in reading in an effort to promote reading culture. 
The Rotary E-Club of Uganda shall donate reading materials to learners and guide the learners on the best reading practices. This shall be done in partnership with Help Africa.
The staff were very excited about it and have pledged to start preparing the pupils for the D DAY. The Rotarians encouraged the staff to immediately invite and involve the surrounding communities so that the event is communally owned. Community involvement will help to make this a memorable day for the school, and most especially, for the pupils.



The Rotary eClub of Uganda Global held its 1st Medical Camp on 30th April, 2022 at Abba Kindergarten Masajja village, Sabagabo sub-county, Makindye Wakiso district. The team comprised 27 Health Workers and 11 Rotarians and Rotaractors.

At the medical camp, over 700 people were attended to.

  • 58 had ultrasound scans
  • 72 had Tooth Extractions
  • 75 bought spectacles
  • 200 had various laboratory tests
  • 86 received COVID vaccinations

Eye problems was the biggest health challenge among both children and adults. The Paediatricians on the team were overwhelmed by the high numbers of eye allergies among children, which could be attributed to dust in the area.

The Optician was overwhelmed by the need for spectacles and more had to be delivered to the camp. The team found many people with High Blood Pressure which was not known. Some of them had very high pressure, a time bomb for Stroke. The medical team was able to help them. The medical team also found some complicated health cases which they appropriately referred.

Many people kept asking when the medical team would return to the area.

It was gratifying to see how this one-day medical camp was able to make a contribution to the lives of the community.

End Polio Now

Ending Polio Forever

Rotary has been working to eradicate polio for over 35 years, and our goal
of ridding the earth of this disease is in sight. We started in 1979 with
vaccinations for 6 million children in the Philippines. Today, Afghanistan and
Pakistan are the only countries where polio remains endemic

As Rotarians we are urged to give whatever we can within our means to
support the eradication of polio worldwide.